Common Types Of Forklifts

There are many different types of forklifts available today, Below we have named and explained 5:


Counterbalance Lift

The counterbalance lift is the kind of forklift you will see the most. At the front of the mechanism there are forks and it was designed with a weight at the back in order to counter the weight or balance of the load its holding in the front. This type of forklift is fairly easy to use as it doesn’t have long arms so you will be able to drive right up to the load. This lift is available in propane, electric or diesel versions.


Reach Lift

This type of lift is often used for warehousing operations. The reach lift is able to reach higher than the actual machine and into the racking very easily by using its forks and stabilising legs. Many other forklifts cannot provide this height. The legs provide support to the lift, ensuring that you do not need any weight counterbalance.


“Walkie” Truck

The Walkie truck is also referred to as an electric pallet truck, they are designed to have the lift operator walk behind the truck. The Walkie truck is motorised, which makes it able to lift the heavier pallets, move pallets more efficiently and manoeuvre in small spaces. A hand throttle is used to control this type of lift, allowing the operator to move them forward and backwards and to stop the machine quickly if needed.


Cherry picker/Order picker

The cherry picker is most often used in warehouses to pick orders. Many know this lift as an order picker and it can be a great tool to use for order picking. You will be able to raise and lower this machine while moving the truck.


Dock Stocker Lift

This lift is a type of counterbalanced truck, while operating the Dock stocker you can either sit or stand. The Dock stocker lift is fraught in the same way as the counterbalance with putting weight at the rear of the lift in order to counterbalance the load.


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