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Material handling equipment (MHE) is equipment used to transport, store or control material within various facilities. These facilities can include the manufacturing plants where the material is produced or the disposal sites where it ends up. Large material handling equipment includes cranes, trucks and lifts. Smaller equipment includes things such as storage bins, dollies and […]

Safety when operating man lift equipment is an extreme significance. Every employer must put their staff through compulsory safety training before allowing an individual to operate the machinery. Employers must consider follow-up training for employees as many fail to remember the safety procedures. As a person becomes comfortable in their job, they can often forget […]

In many material handling situations, there are those places which are simply too hard to reach. For these cases, man-up lifting equipment provides an elegant and cost-effective answer to the problem of getting to places that are out of reach. Though there are many different types of man-up machines, just as there are many different […]