Different Types Of Man Up Equipment for Lifting People

In many material handling situations, there are those places which are simply too hard to reach. For these cases, man-up lifting equipment provides an elegant and cost-effective answer to the problem of getting to places that are out of reach. Though there are many different types of man-up machines, just as there are many different applications for them. Since each is well suited to particular environments and situations, you’ll want to know as much as possible about these remarkable machines before opting to purchase or rent one for your material handling needs. So to help you with that, here is a little bit more about the various types of man-up people lifters on the market.

Where the Need Arises
But which material handling situations would call for the use of a man-up people lifter? Quite simply, those applications that require an extensive vertical reach where mobile lifting solutions are required, are the best suited to these lifts. Depending on the terrain they support, they can be used both indoors and outdoors, and their lifts can extend to around 10 meters (30ft), depending on the type you use.

Scissor Lifts
Scissor lifts have a practical and powerful design, and as such is one of the most commonly found people lifters around. Their surfaces are raised as the pivots below them open or close, crossed in supports of two halves that act life a pair of scissors to leverage the height of their platform. They offer an excellent portable material handling solution, which makes them well suited to outdoor operations as well as indoor ones.

Pickers for Lifting People
Picker lifts are well-suited to warehouse applications, and are also one of the easiest people lifting machines to operate. It works by leveraging a railed platform at the end of a hydraulic crane which can be used for raising and lowering personnel. They are also commonly mounted to flat-bed trucks to give the machine mobility.

Boom Lifts
Boom lifts make use of aerial platforms to lift and lower people, helping them reach high places. They are made up of a platform, a bucket and a long jointed crane which is operated with a hydraulic system to create lift from a ground base.

Telehandlers provide one of the most versatile means of lifting, and can be used in a wide variety of situations as a result. They can be fitted with a multitude of attachments to make them suitable to a variety of unique situations and environments, creating lift using a telescopic boom and a lifting attachment, which generally come as forks, but can change depending on the telehandler’s application.

As you can see there is no straightforward solution that fits each and every lifting situation, but rather, each requires special consideration before investing in. If you would like to learn more about sourcing people lifters for your operations, or would like to find out about our other JLG solutions, contact a representative from Solutions 4U, or visit our website today for further details on our products and services.

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