5 Safety Tips When Operating Man Lift Equipment

Safety when operating man lift equipment is an extreme significance. Every employer must put their staff through compulsory safety training before allowing an individual to operate the machinery. Employers must consider follow-up training for employees as many fail to remember the safety procedures. As a person becomes comfortable in their job, they can often forget the small details that could save their life. Here are 5 safety tips to follow when operating a man lift equipment.


  1. Inspection of the Machinery

Always inspect the man lift equipment to determine if it is safe. Inspectors should examine all the emergency controls, operating controls, the outriggers and guardrails, wheels, tires, and personal fall-protection gear. While doing a visible inspection of these areas, it is wise to consider checking for possible leaks of air, fuel, and hydraulic fluid. Should there be a need for repair work, always have a qualified mechanic make the repairs and test them before operating the man lift equipment. Maintenance is an important factor to consider, regardless of the type of machinery you’re operating: man-lift, powered forklift, 3-wheel or 4-wheel. There might be maintenance issues without you realising it and then again, there can be an easy answer to a maintenance problem.

  1. Inspect the Worksite

Regardless of what the job may be, you need to walk around the worksite to determine if you can safely operate a lift on the site. If there are concerns about a level surface, you need to be aware. The machine will have trouble operating appropriately on certain steep slopes that exceed the requirements of the manufacturer. There are certain hazards to be aware of when operating the equipment. Look for bumps, drop-offs, debris, holes, and power lines that could cause a problem.

  1. Test the Equipment

Each man lift has a different testing requirement. You need to follow the testing procedures to make sure the equipment can run safely. If a malfunction is found, it must be fixed before the equipment can be used. The function tests are required to make sure the man lift is operating in the right manner. Some tests are required every time the machine is used while others request the test to be done every 3-6 months or after 150 hours of use. Make sure the individuals operating the machines know how to perform the test and have their annual authorisation to be a qualified mechanic.

  1. Select a Good Operator

Far too many people become injured because they are not competent to run the machine. You need to avoid safety concerns by evaluating the people operating the equipment to make sure they can handle the man lift. Not only do they require appropriate training, they need to have the right safety training and mind-set to handle it. Legislation requires the workers to have documented training. The need to be able to demonstrate the ability to use the lift according to the requirements from the manufacturers.

  1. Shutting Down Equipment

One other safety tip is to understand how to turn off the man lift. If an individual is not competent when using the machine, they can panic if there is an issue. The operator must be able to learn how to shut down and store the equipment properly to prevent problems. Some of the things they need to do is to engage the red emergency-stop button, completely lower the platform, turn all key switches to off, and remove the key. The machine must be stored safely and securely to prevent accidents.


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