What are The Advantages of Combilift Straddle Carriers?

What are The Advantages of Combilift Straddle Carriers?

While there are a number of lifting and warehousing solutions out there for your business to choose from, few of them offer the same advantages of using a Straddle Carrier manufactured by Combilift. They are specialised forklifts, designed to work under specific conditions, particularly where space is limited when needing to handle exceptionally heavy loads. They combine the manoeuvrability of forklift trucks with the sheer power of other lifters to bring forward a truly functional and unique lifting solution for industrial and warehousing applications. This combination of prowess gives straddle carriers a number of advantages when used in the right setting; advantages that you can leverage off to increase the efficiency of your business processes.

Operation In Narrow Spaces

One of the top advantages to straddle carriers is their ability to operate in particularly tight spaces. In fact, they are able to manoeuvre comfortably in aisles as narrow as 1.6 meters without losing their capacity for loads. This makes them well suited to use in warehouses where space is often a major limitation; but this is not its only advantage for the user.

Increase The Efficiency of Your Operations

Being simple to use and having exceptional lifting power makes straddle carriers one of the most versatile tools in the industrial sector. This makes them easy and efficient to operate while carrying exceptional capacities all at once. The results of this is a major increase in efficiency when conducting operations using these machines, which results in better turnaround times for your business.

Saving You Space and Money

By upping your efficiency, and making better use of the space in your business, these straddle carriers are able to save your business a ton on time, space and money. Time is money, as they say, and by allowing you to complete processes efficiently, straddle carriers are able to save you on both. With regards to space, versatile packing and the ability to work in limited spaces makes the straddle carrier an excellent way for you to save on useable floor space in your base of operations.

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