Some Reasons Why System Integration Is Important

Some reasons why system integration is important

Saving your end-user client personnel costs

Commonly when an independent system integrator is being used, industrial clients will be saving the costs of hiring, continuous education, personnel evaluation, the time to stay current with technology and so on. In addition to this, it can be quite difficult for a non-system integration company to select the right people, and bad a hire is quite an expensive mistake. However, it’s advisable to have smaller internal staff members manage the projects that are contracted to system integrators. The size of that staff will depend on the magnitude of projects that are performed.

Improving the reliability quality of the integration projects

No one company or person knows everything. By having a system integrator for your company, it will often bring to the table an understanding of process, mechanical and business intelligence issues and also knows how to integrate those disciplines into a working system.

Accountability for resources and time

System integration need to remain on a budget in order to maintain a sustainable business. Whether the contracts are variable or fixed, labor, costs and materials need to be managed based on the upfront contract and plan. Basically, system integrators are accountable resources and time. Contracts always have definitions of the scope of supply of products and services and also an associated cost structure. For internal purposes and for client relations, the system integrator needs to honor the agreement.

Applying and knowing current industry standards in environmental, safety and modern technology

Some examples of these standards are cyber security, networks and interoperability of equipment. The end-user clients are able to rely on system integrators in order to get updates on topics like process safety, machine safety, networks for intelligent instrumentation, internal programming standards, network standards to prevent cyber-attacks and so on. Granted, there are some regulations and standards on which it is best for the end-user clients to stay current, typically the ones that pertain specifically to their industry.

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