1. What is lifting equipment?

Lifting equipment is work equipment for lifting and lowering heavy loads, and accessories can also be used to get the job done. There are a variety of different lifting equipment that can be used, that includes overhead cranes and their supporting runways, patient hoists, motor vehicle lifts, vehicle tail lifts and cranes fitted to vehicles, a building cleaning cradle and its suspension equipment, goods and passenger lifts, tele handlers and fork lifts and lifting accessories.

2. What are lifting accessories?

Lifting accessories are pieces of equipment that is used to attach the load to lifting equipment, that provides a link between the two. These attachments can be used to support, fix or anchor the equipment. If lifting accessories are used between lifting equipment and the load, you have to consider the overall weight of the load. There are many different lifting accessories that can be used, such as, fibre or rope slings, single or multiple leg chains, hooks, eyebolts and spreader beams.

3. What type of loads would you need lifting equipment for? The loads can be any material, people or animals. Examples of loads can include, loose bulk materials, sacks, bags, pallets, stillages, discrete items like concrete blocks, machinery or permanently attached lifting eyes. If you are looking for any lifting equipment contact Solution Selling today to enquire a quote.